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Patient Resources

Welcome to the Patient Resources Center.

PATIENT PORTAL LOGIN & REGISTRATION (Note – A new window opens when you click this link.)

We have partnered with and implemented AthenaHealth® services, which is a personal portal to better health for our patients. This cloud-based HIPAA compliant EHR system enables our patients to participate in their healthcare through easier communication with our team and more efficient care coordination and population health management. It is also a tool to facilitate medical billing.

Need a Patient Portal Account? Sign up today to stay connected with your healthcare team.

Please register prior to your next appointment. A new window will open when you click the following active link – Login to our patient portal where you can view your records, schedule an appointment, pay your bill and update your information.

NEW PATIENT FORMS & RECORDS: Please print the first four Patient Registration Forms (below) and complete ALL of the documents. Please do not leave any blanks unless not applicable (Please write N/A where appropriate). Please bring all of the following to your first appointment and fax a copy of the requested documents to the number at the top of the forms in order to complete your registration and prior to scheduling your first appointment.

  1. ENC HIPAA Release of Medical Information
  2. ENC Demographics
  3. ENC Patient Medical, Surgical and Rx History
  4. ENC Practice Policies
  5. Please fax current copies of the front and back of each insurance card to our office.
  6. Please fax current copy of the front and back of Drivers License/State ID.
  7. Please fax a copy of your Advance Directive.
  8. Please fax a copy of all medical consults, surgical operative reports and imaging reports to our office.
  9. It is important to request a copy of all of your current neuroimaging studies (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.) performed on CD and bring to your first appointment for review. We review the imaging studies as well as the neuroradiologist’s report(s).


If you need help please Contact Us.